New WSO2 App Factory Allows Management of Complete Enterprise Application Lifecycle

WSO2WSO2, a leading enterprise middleware company, has just announced the launch of the WSO2 App Factory, a cloud-enabled enterprise DevOps Platform that allows project teams to collaborate on the creation, deployment and management of enterprise applications. This new DevOps platform also allows enterprises to better control the applications being developed with their APIs, including applications that are developed in-house and applications developed at their partner networks.

WSO2 App Factory

The WSO2 App Factory makes it possible for enterprises to manage the complete enterprise application lifecycle while ensuring corporate and government compliance. The WSO2 App Factory also supports the development of all types of enterprise applications including web apps, integrations, mashups, mobile apps and more. WSO2 founder and CEO Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana states for the press release that:

"Too often, enterprise agility is stalled by a proliferation of stovepipe deployments and shadow IT projects that are disconnected from enterprises' strategic initiatives. WSO2 App Factory removes those barriers by providing an open cloud-based platform for development collaboration backed by robust governance. Through WSO2 App Factory, enterprises now can extend their business capabilities across a connected ecosystem of internal teams, suppliers, channel partners, distributors and customers—while lowering the costs of Integration and interaction."

The WSO2 App Factory is built on the WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform and WSO2 Stratos and is an open source, cost-effective solution that can be deployed in a private or public cloud.

WSO2 App Factory

Images Credit: WSO2

Platform features include (but not limited to):

  • Provision Application Projects - Which includes self-provisioning of project workspaces and resources including source repository, issue tracker, and more.
  • Accelerate Development Iterations - Rapidly build Web applications, JAX-WS or JAX-RS services, business processes and back-ends for mobile applications.
  • Increase Best Practices - Increase best practice adoption and establish agile application governance processes.
  • Adopt a Cloud Platform and offer PaaS - Offer a shared, on-demand elastic infrastructure that scales.
  • Obtain an Integrated DevOps Experience - Incorporates full lifecycle tooling, workflow, and reports for developers, quality assurance members, and operations engineers.
  • Management Dashboards for CXOs & Project Managers - Dashboards provide visibility into application status, application health, application service assets, application activity, and application lifecycle stage progress.

For more information about the WSO2 App Factory, visit the WSO2 website.

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