New Yahoo! Maps API Released

Yahoo! just released an intriguing new set of mapping tools and APIs. Features such as built-in geocoding, Flash and traffic capabilities put them ahead of Google Maps. Some initial details :

  • 3 core APIs: Simple API, Flash API, and an AJAX API.
  • The Flash API comes in three sub-flavors: AS-Flash API using ActionScript, JS-Flash API with JavaScript (no Flash programming is required), and Flex API using Macromedia's Flex API and Presentation Server Technology.
  • Four "building block" APIs: Geocoding API to pass in location data by address and receive geocoded (encoded with latitude-longitude) responses, Map Image API to stitch map images together for usage in custom applications, including mobile and offline use, Traffic APIs to take dynamic traffic report data for route planning and less painful commutes, and finally there's a Local Search APIs which uses the Yahoo! Local service, which now returns longitude-latitude with every search result for easy plotting.

I've made initial updates to the ProgrammableWeb API Reference to include these. There's now 10 Yahoo-specific APIs, not including acquisitions Flickr and Upcoming (they're busy over there at Y!). For more see their web services blog. An impressive upgrade and it looks like the mapping battle is being taken to the next level.

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