New York City Gets an API for BigApps Contest

New York City is hosting its third annual BigApps conference this year: BigApps 3.0.  Build an application from any combination of 750 New York City data sets that describe everything from political campaign contributions to bicycle rack locations.  There are more than a dozen different prize categories and $50,000 of cash prizes to be distributed. For the first time in a BigApps contest, New York City has its own API and the contest also encourages using APIs of NYC companies, including the Foursquare API and Etsy API.

Perhaps the best prize of the contest would be exposure to the judging panel which is stacked with leaders of New York City’s technology companies.  Some of the non-cash prizes include a chance to compete as a finalist for entry into TechStars or a private conversation with NYC VC Fred Wilson.

Last years winners, Roadify, created an application with crowdsourced data to update commuters on current conditions.  It’s a nifty solution to common cause of frustration among the millions of people who commute to and from work on public transit systems in NYC each day.  The public transporation datasets are incorporated as well.  Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to notify Roadify users of a prized parking space opening up!

If you are game to compete for these prizes look for updates on the hackathon which is planned for the November 11th - 13th weekend.  You have until January 25th to submit your app!

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