New York City Touts Its API on Subway Advertisements

Riders on New York City subways are subject to all sorts of sights. For several months, that has included prominent advertisements for the MTA API, the developer program of New York City's transit company. The ad (pictured below) includes the headline, "Our apps are whiz kid certified."

The full advertisement reads:

Instead of developing transit apps ourselves, we gave our info to the people who do it best. Search the web for "NY transit apps" to see what we mean.

The transit agency hasn't always been so open, but it made a big turn-around over the last year. In January, 2010, MTA was the largest transit agency without open data. Shortly afterward, MTA released some data and in April it co-hosted an un-conference with Google.

Photo via New York Observer. Hat tip: David Bressler.

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