New York State Announces COVID-19 Technology SWAT Team

New York State has announced the formation of a new technology service partnership program that aims to accelerate the state’s technological response to COVID-19. The initiative is specifically encouraging partnerships with individuals that work in product management, software development/engineering, hardware deployment and end-user support, data science, operations management, and design.

The search for qualified individuals and corporate partners is broad, with the announcement clarifying that applicants will be evaluated regardless of what industry they participate in. The initiative is, however, placing priority on finding teams from a single organization that can “assist in the State’s coronavirus response for 90-day service deployments.” The announcement summarized the initiative by stating that:

“New York State is launching technology-driven products with leading global tech companies to accelerate and amplify our response to COVID-19. We are looking for impactful solutions and skilled tech employees to help. Individuals from leading global technology companies are being deployed across high-impact and urgent coronavirus response activities.”

The initiative is encouraging individuals that are interested in volunteering to fill out an Interest Form.

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