The New York Times Enhances Congress API

The New York Times' (NYT) list of web services includes some impressive APIs that make it easier to access and track information about a range of interests, including best selling books, real estate, people, articles, and the United States Government. The NY Times development team has been incorporating feedback from users in order to make changes and improvements on a regular basis. Most recently, NYT developers answered a request from users to add information about bills and speeches to its Congress API:

Today we’re happy to answer that request, and then some. The Congress API now provides a broad range of bill information, including details of legislation — the resolutions and bills introduced, debated on and voted on in both the House and Senate. We’re also adding details about speeches on the floor of both chambers.

Also included in the API update are details on the twenty most recently introduced bills, information on the twenty most recent updates to legislation, a list of committee and floor actions for individual bills, and information about bills sponsored by a specific member of Congress.


To find out more about the projects at New York Times, visit Open, the official blog of the NYT developer community, or check our directory of New York Times APIs.

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