The New York Times Releases Best Sellers API

Last month The New York Times released its own map mashup: Represent. This month the major media player has released a Best Sellers API, which provides developers with access to best sellers lists from several categories (view our new Times Best Sellers API profile).

According to Open, the developer blog:

The Times Best Sellers API gives you quick access to current and past best-seller lists in 11 different categories, such as Hardcover Nonfiction and Paperback Mass-Market Fiction. The initial launch offers every weekly list since June 2008, and in the coming months, we plan to add data going back to 1930 (thanks to the hard work of our Books staff). The API also offers details about specific best sellers, including historical rank information and links to New York Times reviews and excerpts. And these aren’t just canned responses; they’re searchable and sortable, with even more robust options coming in the next release.

As with other New York Times APIs, this RESTful API returns results in XML, JSON, and serialized PHP formats. The developers at the New York Times have put together a nice set of documentation that covers requests, responses, and examples. There is also a forum available for developers to exchange ideas. Note that you will need to sign up for an API key to use the API.

Best Sellers Response

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