New YouMail API Combats Unwanted Robocalls

YouMail announced a new API that enables users to determine whether an incoming phone call is a robocaller. YouMail already utilizes the API internally to power its iPhone and Android call management applications, and the YouMail phone number lookup service. YouMail expects that third party access will open the YouMail service portfolio to telecom carriers, PBX providers, and the broader developer community.

"YouMail's ultimate goal is to help anyone trying to stop robocalls - including carriers, enterprise security companies, and application developers - in order to rapidly protect consumers and business from this extremely frustrating problem," YouMail CEO, Alex Quilici, commented in a press release. "There are now multiple ways for carriers to protect consumers from robocalls, whether it's making them aware of apps and solutions like ours, providing Integration mechanisms with these apps and solutions that enable them to work better or be easier for consumers to set up and use, or simply using data like ours to decide which calls to block or identify as potentially problematic."

The API provides access to a database that is continuously updated with hundreds of millions of phone numbers. YouMail analyzes each number to determine whether a number is likely an unwanted spammer based on historical data collected. The data is based on over 5 billions calls processed though YouMail's intelligent call management services. Data points used include call patterns, call histories, user data, third-party data, and user feedback.

The RESTful API returns whether a number is definitely spam (danger), likely spam (caution), or not spam (OK). Calls are returned in lightweight responses in either JSON or XML. YouMail algorithms combine call patterns with crowdsourced data to analyze. Those interested can see examples at the API site. Check out the API docs for specifics and request a free API key

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