New YouTube API Coming Soon

What's hot online these days? Video. What's hot in web mashups? Video. We continue to see a steady stream of mashups built with the YouTube API. We now have 123 YouTube mashups listed here. But this is an API that's due for a change.

At last week's Google Developer Day the folks from this team outlined how they soon be transitioning this API to use the Google GData formats and protocol. See this YouTube API blog post The Future where you can read more about it, including why:

  • Better scalability/stability/flexibility
  • Standardizing on an existing Framework - easier to mash up with other GData APIs
  • Setting us up for write feeds later in the year by using the Authentication models
  • Developers can leverage GData resources, such as client libraries and developer guides

And what would a piece about YouTube be without a video. Below links you to a video from Developer Day to get the story straight from the YouTube engineers.

Got ideas on what they should do with it you can let them know in the YouTube API Feature Requests wiki.

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