New ZenPayroll API Connects Disparate Back Office Systems and Apps with ZenPayroll Platform

ZenPayroll, Inc., a cloud-based payroll service provider, has just announced the release of the brand new ZenPayroll API which allows developers to connect HR, Finance, scheduling and other back office applications with the ZenPayroll Platform.


The ZenPayroll platform provides payroll services such as automatic tax filing, tax calculations and payments, direct deposit and checks, independent contractor payments, and many other payroll functions. The ZenPayroll API allows developers to add payroll functionality to web and mobile applications and makes it possible for backend office systems to communicate and synchronize with ZenPayroll.

The ZenPayroll API was designed so that the ZenPayroll platform could be seamlessly integrated with back office systems thus eliminating the need for payroll functions to be managed and maintained using multiple independent systems. ZenPayroll CEO, Joshua Reeves states for the press release that:

"Building the ZenPayroll architecture as an API was one of our core ideas from the very beginning. Opening the flow of information between back office tools will transform the way work is managed. Not only does this empower business owners to choose back office solutions that are tailored to their needs, it also creates new opportunities for them to motivate and reward employees."

Authentication via OAuth 2.0 is required when using the ZenPayroll API due to the sensitive nature of payroll information. It should be noted that companies can have multiple work locations across multiple states and payroll will be processed at the same time. Co-Owner of Custom Built Insurance, Gabriel Torres comments about the ZenPayroll API in the press release:

"We run our insurance business virtually and efficiently, applying many lessons picked up from various industries. It's a pain to use lots of disconnected systems to run your business and we're excited about all the possibilities that ZenPayroll's API opens up. For example, we can easily see us integrating our CRM with payroll. If you're not constantly figuring out new ways to be efficient, you'll be swallowed up by competitors."

Companies and developers interested in integrating ZenPayroll with their applications and systems can find more information on the ZenPayroll website.

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