New Ziftr API Will Support Major CryptoCurrencies

Ziftr, an eCommerce payment provider, recently announced that their soon-to-be-released improved API will allow merchants to not only accept BitCoin for transactions, but will add support for other major cryptocurrencies on the market as well. So far, they have confirmed LiteCoin, and though not officially released, the industry supposes others such as PeerCoin, DogeCoin, and DarkCoin will likely join the family of alternative payments options for Ziftr merchants and users. 

In addition to added support for these currencies, Ziftr reports that their new API will add “real-time pricing and inventory updates; access to additional sales channels, including Ziftr Marketplace and Lycos Shopping; complete control of their brand and the ability to quickly fix discrepancies in prices, product descriptions and more.” Ziftr has also announced that in January 2015 it plans to unveil and disperse to users it's own digital currency called ZiftrCoin.

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New API Enables Merchants to Accept Major Cryptocurrencies