Newegg now uses BitPay to allow BitCoin payments

​Bitpay's API allows for businesses and employees to accept BitCoin for their services and goods. Now with the addition of Newegg to it's repertoire of business affiliates, BitPay is receiving more credence as a leader in the march toward the legitimization of BitCoin as a secure digital payment system.

CA-based online electronics retailer Newegg has just announced that they will allow over 10.5 million products to be purchased using BitCoin through BitPay. Adopting BitCoin as a form of payment is a strategic move for Newegg, as it’s 20+ million customer-base contain a high number of miners and first adopters of the crypto-currency. 

With $30 million in VC funding, with other large companies like Wordpress on board, and with the recent CA law reversal to legitimize BitCoin, BitPay is positioned well toward becoming a dominant broker for BitCoin. 

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Newegg Accepts BitCoin as Form of Payment Via BitPay