Newest Postman Release Includes OAuth 2.0 Support, User Accounts, and Other New Features

Postman REST Client, a powerful HTTP client that helps developers test and develop web services, has just released version 0.9.3. (Google Chrome Packaged App) which includes brand new features including OAuth 2.0 support, user accounts, bulk uploading/importing, and a brand new API Directory.

Postman REST Client

The newest release of the Postman REST Client includes key new features making Postman a very useful tool for both API developers and API consumers. Some of the brand new features available in version 0.9.3. include:

  • Saving responses - Users can now save responses within a collection request along with the request configuration. For ex. A user can build different use cases for status codes like 200, 404 within a single collection request.
  • OAuth 2.0 support - OAuth 2.0 tokens can now be obtained right inside Postman without having to set up an external server for the OAuth 2 flow. Tokens are saved and can be added to requests later.
  • User accounts - Postman accounts can now be created to manage collections shared on Existing collections will be updated on upload (no need to share a different link every time). Users can also opt to delete their uploaded collections. All user data is stored locally unless explicitly shared.
  • Bulk uploading/importing - Users that have Postman accounts can upload or download their collections from the Postman server with a single click. The ability to sync across devices is coming soon.
  • API directory - Postman users can now share API collections with the entire Postman community. Developers working on a public API can make it available to others as a Postman collection to help them start off quickly.
  • CURL previews - The preview feature has been tweaked slightly and now has a curl tab.

The new features added to the Postman REST Client are intended to help improve collaboration between team members and the Postman community in the future. Postman REST Client has also recently joined with Mashape and Runscope to further Postman's development.

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