newrow_ Live Training API Released to Streamline Workforce Education

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Today newrow_ (formerly Watchitoo) launched its newrow_ for training live video Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which allow organizations to connect with employees, partners or customers face-to-face on mobile devices, intranets or custom business applications through their existing training management systems. In addition, integration with newrow_ for training allows workforce education leaders to use built-in analytics tools that help measure education program effectiveness. This ensures employees receive the proper high quality corporate education they need no matter where they are in the world.

Millennials are projected to comprise 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025. For corporations, finding more effective ways to train these future leaders is essential to success. This is a generation that works, interacts and engages differently, relying on mobile devices and "how-to" videos to educate themselves and learn new skills. Corporate training leaders are restructuring workforce education programs to include resources that are easily accessible on any mobile device, such as live video trainings and on-demand tutorials.

The newrow_ for training APIs now make it simple for organizations to deliver their online training programs face-to-face with live video to large groups via any existing company intranet, business application or training management system. In addition, they are optimized for mobile devices of all kinds, making training available to a dispersed workforce no matter where employees are located.

Some of the key features extended to newrow_ for training mobile users include:

    •    Seamless Integration – New APIs allow for video training rooms to be easily integrated into any existing learning and training management system.

    •    Connection from any Device – Trainers and large groups of employees can use any mobile device to connect to training sessions remotely. The program's user-friendly interface provides a hassle-free solution, allowing employees to focus on the material being presented, not the difficulty of downloading or installing mobile programs.

    •    Live and On-Demand Training – Live video integration allows employees to play an active role in training sessions via their mobile devices. This keeps employees engaged and offers interactive tools to collaborate as opposed to passively watching. Recorded sessions can also be re-watched on mobile devices for today's on-the-go employee.

    •    Compliance and Completion Measurement – Trainers have access to a robust tool set that allows them to gauge employee participation and comprehension in order to award a certificate of compliance or completion. The advanced analytics dashboard gives trainers and company management easy access to vital information for assessing training effectiveness and completion rates.

"BraveNewTalent works with our customers to build powerful online knowledge sharing communities that unite employees, customers, prospects, and any invited stakeholder with an interest in bringing knowledge exchange to one place," said Master Burnett, director of Strategy. "A key driver of our success is the ability to not only unite people, but also to unite the sources and platforms used to inform, educate, and collaborate among community members. newrow_ for training enables us to seamlessly integrate scalable, real-time and on-demand video training rooms into our communities allowing members to interact face-to-face and capture emergent knowledge within the community."

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