NewsCred Launches API-driven News Stream to NY Daily News

NewsCred, the API-driven service that provides curated news content announced a new implementation to, the fifth largest newspaper website in the US. Leveraging NewsCred, the Daily News site will include a Desi News section targeting the rapidly growing South Asian community.

"What's interesting about NYDN is that they view 'local' in a much different way than a lot of publishers. For them, local is about community, not your physical location," says Alicianne Rand, Marketing Director for NewsCred. "Thus, creating a new editorial section for the South Asian community makes a lot of sense -- South Asians represent the fastest growing immigrant population in the U.S. with the highest mean household income in the U.S."

Starting from the premise that the business model for journalism is broken, NewsCred offers a revenue-based model for the distribution of news content.

While major players such as the New York Time and Wall Street Journal can command paid subscriptions for online access, many news organizations are struggling to adapt to the online environment where consumers have come to expect free content. To counter this trend, NewsCred, has taken a page from social media and offers content that is custom-curated to the subscriber.

The NewsCred API provides access to content from over 5000 global news sources. Their API is wrapped for an array of technologies including PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, and Python. It is also packaged for publishing platforms Wordpress and Drupal. Their website provides downloads and documentation.

News content is organized around conventional categories such as world news, finance, health, lifestyle, sports, technology and entertainment. There’s also a national feed that focuses on US domestic news.

By rationalizing the licensing and simplifying payment through aggregation, NewsCred believes that can help bring financial health back to the industry and raise journalistic standards.

“By sourcing and licensing trusted content across a broad range of subjects and perspectives, NewsCred delivers millions of dollars of revenue back into the news ecosystem, offering a crucial industry the means not just to survive, but thrive. Most importantly, we’re raising standards. We license complete articles, pay our publishers and always attribute stories to the journalists who create them,”

The NewsCred Platform API is one of 84 News APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb database.

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