Newsweaver API Brings Communications and Engagement to Existing Processes

Newsweaver, communications software provider, offers the Newsweaver API, aimed at increasing intra-company or customer engagement through email campaigns. Newsweaver's Platform utilizes homegrown microsite, segmentation, personalisation, in-depth reporting, and social media to encourage and increase engagement. Newsweaver CEO, Andrew O’Shaughnessy, commented:

"Corporate communications teams need to join the dots between strategy, behaviours and technology, to improve the flow and quality of communication and collaboration."

Founded in 1996, Newsweaver has enjoyed a history of continuous growth, innovation, and accolade. From small businesses and charities, to large enterprises (e.g. Shell, RBS, etc.), over 2,000 organization across 28 countries execute and monitor communications campaigns with the Newsweaver platform. API access to Newsweaver services allows companies to integrate the features with existing workflows and applications.

The Newsweaver API uses REST protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. The list of API calls remains long and continues to grow through customer feedback and as technology progresses. Those interested can visit the API introduction, and must register for a Newsweaver account for API access.

Collaboration and increased engagement (both internally and with customers) has taken on new importance as social media and the app economy invade the corporate world. Newsweaver sits nicely to cater to the needs of any organization needing to implement a communications strategy.

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