The Nexalogy NX API: Making Sense of All Those Social Media Feeds

Twitter Feed, Facebook feed, Linkedin feed. Fed up yet? Nexalogy NX has come to the rescue, at least to help out with organizing your Twitter feed. You sign in through Twitter to access Nexame, which will show you, within your network, the most important trends, people and ideas. It's such simple yet powerful idea that it makes you wonder, why didn't Twitter think of this? Here's a chart that's worth a thousand words. It shows the top 10 concencepts being discussed in your network. As you  can imagine, there is also a top 10 hashtags chart, an interest map of the major themes in your discussions, and more.

The RESTful/ JSON Nexalogy API goes further and allows users to mine data on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Datasift to focus on the themes most important to them. Twitter searches can be geo-located. New tools are being added all the time.

The Montreal-based firm's API allows for searching through conversations, ongoing listening, conversation sculpting to surface relevant insights, and reporting on the data. You can track who your most active and engaged followers are, and see the top links related to your account or search terms. Pricing starts at free and escalates to the premium version of $1,000/month.

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