Nexchange Beta Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange and API

Nexchange, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a beta version of its exchange service which includes the first version of the Nexchange API. Through the API, third parties can leverage Nexchange's infrastructure, which is based on a set of core values ensuring simple and low cost cryptocurrency conversions.

Nexchange launched with a community-focused open source approach. Its Front-end code is completely open source, which allows any developer to Clone its ReactJS client. Thus, other exchanges or industry players can use the Nexchange API to provide a host of cyptocurrency exchange services. Check out Nexchange on GitHub for more details.

The Nexchange API is RESTful with a JSON data format. Features included allow users to call supported currencies, supported currency pairs, the last ticker price, price history for the selected pair, orders, and referrals. Further, users can create both user-identified and anonymous orders. For more details, check out the API docs.

Nexchange pitches its Platform as "by crypto enthusiasts, for crypto enthusiasts." It backs its crypto enthusiast-centric approach with a series of core values specifically directed to protect crypto enthusiasts (e.g. minimal spreads, nominal fees, same fee regardless of transaction amount, no positions against clients, etc.). Keep an eye on Nexchange as the company has promised pending improvements and more coins coming soon.

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