Nexmo Raises $3 Million for Global SMS: Making Sure You Get the Message

Nexmo's mission is to take SMS global, putting messages on the 5 billion smartphones across continents and languages, with 800 carriers in 200 countries. As Alex Williams noted in Techcrunch, Nexmo raised $3 million from Intel Capital, NHN Investment Corporation and Initial Capital. Nexmo is:

"one of a new generation of companies that are disrupting the telco market. It streamlines the layers between the telcos and developers, removing the hubs by offering a carrier grade service based upon a worldwide network that gives companies like Airbnb an international messaging Platform for communicating between buyers and sellers over SMS."

The RESTful and SMPP APIs save large multinationals from having to build their own infrastructure.

The Nexmo API documentation supports Unicode in order to support all the languages. Messages longer than 160 characters are split, with the API reporting the number of splits. Nexmo charges per message, with wholesale pricing, in competition with Twilio. By putting you in direct connection to the final subscriber, Nexmo makes that cheap pricing possible. The SMPP API is designed to help companies switch to Nexmo quickly. Various prebuilt libraries are available in PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Perl, C#, and Java.

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