Nexmo Verify API Allows Phone Number Confirmation

Nexmo, a cloud communications company, has released Nexmo Verify, which the company says will authenticate any land or mobile phone number in the world. Reaching and acquiring customers via SMS and voice is indispensable to global companies such as Airbnb and WeChat. Nexmo has already verified more than 2 billion users across 1,500 carriers in over 200 countries. All of this is delivered through a single API.

As the company commented, what we might think of as a luxury — can't users verify phone numbers themselves? — has become a wide-ranging security and enterprise issue:

Verifying phone numbers is a mission-critical process that is typically used to protect people from spam, fraud and hacking. It is also used to reach people at proper numbers and for critical login and password reset and validation. Nexmo Verify finally addresses the ongoing verification needs that enterprises, developers and consumers constantly struggle with. Uniquely comprehensive across mobile and landlines, Nexmo Verify is a single, global, end-to-end, two-factor Authentication solution that includes SMS, text-to-speech, adaptive routing, and failover handling.

Phone numbers are becoming critical sources for identity verification, making this service of heightened importance in the age of the data breach. The heart of Verify's service is an algorithm analyzing both historical and real-time data to increase conversion beyond the standard 65%. Public release of Nexmo Verify is targeted for November, with a limited release already being rolled out.

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