Next Version Of Twitterrific To Be Launched As Planned Despite Twitter API Changes

Changes to the Twitter API make it clear that the company is doing what it feels is best for the majority of its users. The priority seems to be the gaining of even more users and the complete control of how tweets are displayed to them; albeit at the expense of third-party developers.

Veteran Twitter client, Twitterrific, seems unswayed by this as the launch of the new version will go ahead as planned. Despite the more restrictive Twitter API rules, the team at The Iconfactory indicate that the next update for its client (Twitterrific) will simply be tweaked to comply with these new instructions.

"For the past several months, we’ve been working on a major update to Twitterrific that we’re very excited about. There were concerns that this new version might end up on the cutting room floor prior to Twitter’s announcement, but after reviewing the new restrictions and speaking with the team at Twitter, we’re pleased to report that our development plans remain unchanged," says The Iconfactory’s Gedeon Maheux.

In this case, the development team are not backing down and seem happy to work within the new rules as Maheux states, "...we want to assure our loyal users that we’ll be continuing to develop for Twitter for the foreseeable future."

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