NextStop's Next Step? A Travel Guide API

NextStop helps you discover things to do and places to go. And now you can include NextStop content in your website using their API to provide the same recommendations to your users (our NextStop API profile).


Your application can search NextStop using location coordinates, an address, or just a city name. Results can also be filtered by keyword or any combination of four categories. You can get an idea of the search options by using the recommendations on a map example application. The data provided by NextStop is extensive, with everything you'd need to recreate the site.

The site launched earlier this year and has already collected a lot of content, all available via the API. For now, the API is read only, though the team (made up of former Googlers responsible for Picasa and Calendar) is leaving the options open based on developer feedback.

For an idea of what you could build, check out the NextStop API examples or join the API list on Google Groups.

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