Nimsoft API Keeps the Cloud Hanging Over You

Need to make sure your cloud is up and running? If you like pretty charts of that uptime, Nimsoft has got you covered. The company also has a not quite as pretty Nimsoft Cloud Monitor API that allows developers to integrate the tools for monitoring cloud performance into their applications.

As the website states, "Our API mashes the data and functionality of all of our services into one application interface, ready for you to easily integrate into any of your services or systems."

The Cloud Monitor API provides response times from its monitoring stations, information about an IP address where the server is located, and maps over 60 Nimsoft cloud monitoring stations onto Google Maps.

The API has a RESTful interface returning XML or JSON formats.

Among the API's abilities, it can set up, activate, modify or remove site monitoring rules; check a site from one of the monitoring stations; and send a text message from one of the SMS gateways.

In addition to the API, Nimsoft solutions include a unified manager, the  Nimsoft Monitor, Nimsoft Service Desk, Data Management and a unified architecture.

Nimsoft is one of 58 monitoring APIs.

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