Ninja Metrics Unveils Katana for Entertainment Platform and API

Ninja Metrics, an advanced analytics company, unveiled at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, Katana for Entertainment, a new advanced analytics platform for streaming media and music. Katana for Entertainment leverages the technology that powers the Katana Analytics Engine. The platform also utilizes information from Social Value and True Ad Value, components of a full line of advanced analytics products offered by Ninja Metrics. Katana for Entertainment features a REST-based API that can be used to integrate the platform with third party applications and existing systems.


Launched in November 2013, Katana Analytics Engine is a highly scalable predictive analytics and social graph analysis platform capable of quantifying user influence based on predictive social metrics (called “Social Value” by the company) and predict ROI based on user behavior. The platform is designed primarily for the gaming, entertainment, and ecommerce industries.

Katana for Entertainment is an advanced analytics platform that captures streaming media and music users’ activities and behaviors then determines the types of advertisements that will be the most effective and will return the greatest ROI. The platform also determines which users are most influential and targets them based on predicted spend and churn rates. Katana for Entertainment features flexible dashboards that display information such as churn projections, conversion rate, revenue analysis, and more.

The Katana Analytics API is based on REST and returns responses in JSON format. There are several client libraries available including JavaScript, PHP, Android, iOS, Java, and more.

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