nMile Launches Cloud-based CMS: Podium.io

nMile, mobile and web application developer, has launched the beta trial for new cloud-based content management system (CMS): Podium.io. Podium.io seeks to give application owners more control over applications with simplified content management after an easy Integration with Podium. ProgrammableWeb chatted with nMile founder, Josh Dechant, about the release.

When asked why nMile created Podium, Dechant's passion for the new product was clear:

"Podium's concept was to release an open CMS/mobile app Back-end for location-based event mobile apps. I was frustrated by the lack of penetration of mobile technology into events that I attended, fairs, conferences, competitions, etc. Already a mobile developer and wanting to build apps in this market, I began looking at options for back-ends with the ability for the client to update content themselves. The only option I could find that really covered what I wanted was a proprietary solution that was not open to developers. Podium was originally designed to meet this need. As the original idea grew and we started looking for early testing partners, we realized that this Platform was also perfect for non-profit, small business, or enterprise apps as well, and could meet the needs of any organization-based app for a content management system. So Podium solves the problem of mobile developers having the choice of being stuck developing their own proprietary CMS and taking time away from their core competency, or having extremely limited options in this area. The platform does this by having all the features a developer needs to integrate into their apps, and allowing them to create revenue streams from the Podium Partner Program."

With this release, the Podium team is specifically targeting mobile application developers. Within that broad category of potential clients, Podium's ease of use is laser focused on developers whose apps need frequent updating and don't have the time to push changes back to outside development teams. Dechant discussed how he plans on taking Podium to market:

"We are pushing Podium to market directly to developers who want to use the service via the web, social channels, and media outlets. So far we have released a limited beta preview, which is available here. We make providing feedback as easy as possible for our developers, and will continue to improve the service based on that information."

Podium already signed some beta partners that have integrated the CMS. Dechant provided a couple of examples that have already been up and running with Podium fully integrated for a significant amount of time. Styles Dance and Ellis County COAD both have successfully implemented Podium and are currently reaping the benefits. In addition to these two live apps, Dechant provided a potential integration example:

"Podium is a content management system, which allows users to update app content easily. It was designed to accommodate both the developer and the user controlling the app, who are often different people. For an example scenario, say a mobile app development studio is contacted by a potential client, a fitness center that wants an app to keep in touch with their clients. The fitness center wants a general information page to show contact info, a place for daily motivational quotes about fitness, and they are opening a new location in the next year, so they are interviewing multiple app developers because they are worried about an expensive update to their app when this happens. The development studio could integrate Podium into the app, which would allow the center to be able to update their information themselves, including daily quotes, the new location info, etc. This option to have a completely custom application built by a developer with the ability to update information themselves is a powerful option for those clients. It is a significant improvement over template-based Do-It-Yourself options, or having to go back to the developer for every single update and wait for app store approval each time."

Podium is aimed at 10 out 10 satisfaction rating with 100% uptime. Podium was created to make content management easier. If they aren't hitting such ambitious ratings, app upkeep continues to be time consuming and difficult. Simply put, Dechant concluded: "We are happy when our users are happy."

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