No More Nasty Cab Fare Surprises: TaxiMe API

Getting from A to B in the most cost effective way can be difficult if you're just guessing as you go. TaxiMe is an application that provides users with cost estimates for cab fares and trip information for major cities in the U.S. and Canada. This means users can plan their journeys beforehand and know exactly what the costs involved will amount to. TaxiMe's API allows access to cab contacts and rates for these different cities.


The TaxiMe iPhone application includes the following features:

  • Built-in GPS to identify the user's location
  • A search option that allows users to search businesses by name
  • Automatic rate detection for each particular city
  • The app displays cab information as well as the cost estimation
  • The app allows users to view a Google map of their chosen route
  • Addresses can be saved as favourites to be used again
  • A log of recent estimations is kept

The TaxiMe API uses REST calls and returns JSON. It's in a beta state at the moment, and developers are encouraged to play around with it to see what they come up with. Those interested in making use of it in an application can make contact with the folks at TaxiMe via the website.

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