No Official Fortnite API? Here Are a Few Options

If you're a gamer, you're probably already familiar with Fortnite, the multiplayer, survival shooter game created by Epic Games. Fortnite's popularity has skyrocketed since its debut in summer 2017 as an early access title on several platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Within about one year, the number of Fortnite players has reached approximately 125 million, and the game has generated more than $1.2 billion in revenue.

An official public Fortnite API is not available, at least not at this time. However, Fortnite is a wildly popular game. So, it's not surprising that some developers have found ways to leverage the non-public APIs powering the game. This article highlights just a few of the unofficial Fortnite APIs currently available. Some of the unofficial Fortnite APIs primarily retrieve Fortnite Battle Royale (BR) data.

Free Fortnite API

This unofficial Free Fortnite API provides access to millions of Fortnite player statistics. Among the Fortnite information the API returns are player data (wins, kills, and playtime), news, BR challenges, BR store, and server status. The API is unable to return leaderboards at this time, but it can return the top 10 Fortnite players of the world. The API is well documented- Documentation is available on the API website, and there is comprehensive API documentation on Postman that includes a "run on Postman" button.

Fortnite Tracker API

The Fortnite Tracker Network is a website that provides a variety of Fornite information including (but not limited to) challenges, leaderboards, and weapons. The site tracks millions of Fortnite players and displays up-to-date player information such as the player with the most wins, the player with the most kills, and the player with the top TRN rating.

The Fortnite Tracker API is free for developers to use and it provides a variety of information from Fortnite. Among the data the API returns are Fornite BR player stats, match history, store, and active challenges. Documentation is not posted online but the API web page states that the endpoints are "self-documenting."

Overwolf API

Overwolf is a Platform that helps developers create extensions for video games which are then made available via the Overwolf Appstore. Developers can use the Overwolf API to build applications that interact with Overwolf platform features. Fortnite is one of the games listed in the Overwolf Appstore, and the game is listed in the API Reference under Overwolf game events. The Overwolf game events feature sends a notification when an interesting event happens while a user is playing a specific game. Among the supported Fortnite features are kill, revived, match, rank, me, phase, and team.

Semicolon Codes JavaScript Module

Semicolon Codes has published a JavaScript code tutorial that shows how to set up a module for interacting with the API that powers Fortnite. An account with Epic games is required, and the tutorial mentions using Fiddler to obtain two dedicated headers from Fortnite. Among the methods listed in the tutorial are get BR stats for a platform (pc, ps4, xb1), get news, get PVE information, and get store.

More Gaming APIs

Today, tens of thousands of online games are available, and there are more than 2 billion gamers around the world. You can find many Gaming APIs on ProgrammableWeb.

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