Node.js Cloud Hosting With SmartMachines From Joyent

Joyent, a company that you might have heard of in connection to Node.js (arguably the hottest new technology on the web today), is offering some mean competition to Amazon’s EC2 service.  Joyent makes no bones about it, its Joyent Node service is faster and cheaper than EC2 and Joyent has the histograms to prove it. Will be enough to persuade Node.js developers to stick with Joyent?

This cloud Platform offers several different optimized SmartEnvironments.  Take your pick of Node.js, MySQL, Riak, or Zeus, and you’ll get a SmartMachine specifically tailored to support the particular needs of that technology.  Joyent maintains a collection of packages which run on their proprietary SmartOS.  The special VIP packages that make the cut for SmartOS provide support for popular and familiar technologies such as Nginx, and Ruby on Rails.

With the API you can update your Joyent account attributes, access registered public keys and add private keys, and control your smart machines.  SmartMachines can be added, started, shutdown, and deleted.  It seems that you can specify the SmartEnvironment that you wish to create right in the API Request path.  So slick that I almost missed it!  Check out the no nonsense documentation for yourself.

Joyent’s SmartMachine API is one of 40 cloud APIs in our directory.

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