NodePing API Enables Server and Website Monitoring from 3rd Party Apps

NodePing, website and server monitoring service, offers the NodePing API that enables IT departments to incorporate NodePing functionality into third party apps and existing maintenance and monitoring tools. Every minute, NodePing sends messages to a variety of services and protocols (e.g. SSL, HTTP, IMAP4, DNS, etc.) to ensure a site or server remains up and running. If NodePing receives an error, users can identify an unlimited amount of contacts to receive alerts via email, text, voice, Twitter, webhook, and more.

NodePing founders created the service to alleviate the pains they endured through years of keeping websites and servers up and running 24x7. I's simple pricing structure and rock solid performance have attracted numerous customers. In 2012, NodePing received a Webhostingsearch Recommended Web Tool award.

The NodePing API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. After Integration, IT departments can set up notifications, manage accounts, manage notifications, and more from various applications. For more information and to set up an account, visit the NodePing home page.

Most substantial web properties require consistent uptime. However, babysitting servers and websites on a 24x7 basis becomes overwhelming to IT departments and not cost efficient. NodePing was created by those who felt the pain of ensuring constant uptime and removes that burden from IT departments. With the NodePing API, NodePing eliminates the need for an additional monitoring tool to maintain in the IT departments toolbox.

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