Non-Developer Offerings and Analytics Help Drive SimilarWeb's API Success

This case study is the fifth part of our series on 8 Real World API Strategies and The Keys To Their Success. In part 4, we looked at how Podio has focused on their core business use case by supporting technologies often found in the enterprise and how they launched a marketplace to ease discovery of 3rd party integrations.

This case study looks at the strategies employed by SimilarWeb that has helped the company generate month-on-month growth in developer engagement in the creation of new products, services and processes that rely on SimilarWeb’s API.

SimilarWeb is a software-as-a-service product providing a website and mobile statistics tracking service that measures traffic, engagement, search optimization and other metrics for Web and mobile positioning of digital products. The compamy’s API enables programmatic access to the data streams of the SaaS offering.

2014 saw a growth rate of API developer adoption of more than 200%. This growth has been from leveraging existing marketplaces and data markets, providing a user interface so non-programmers can access the API, and by targeting specific international markets.

In 2014, SimilarWeb began to provide access to its APIs via a series of Google Sheets Tools. This enabled non-technical users more familiar with using spreadsheets to manage data streams to make use of SimilarWeb’s APIs without needing programming skills. This has driven a new target market of API end users beyond the traditional developer market.

This case study provides key insights into the effective strategies being used by one of the Web’s fastest growing businesses, and shows that by having an API as a product perspective, businesses can extend into new customer markets beyond developers.

SimilarWeb was one of the most savvy API performers in 2014 and into 2015, so API providers would do well to watch what strategies the company harnesses to further its strong API adoption rates.

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