Nordic APIs: The Business and Technology of APIs

This guest post comes from Andreas Krohn, API Specialist and consultant at Dopter. He blogs about APIs at (in Swedish) and organises API events at Nordic APIs. There is a lot happening regarding APIs in the Nordic countries. A big driver in this development is the Open Data movement fueled by the European Union PSI directive, that encourages countries to make public sector information available. A great example of open public data is the API from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (and related API from, which is one of the most popular non-US weather APIs in the world. There are also startups like danish Podio and swedish Spotify that are using APIs as an integral part of their services and their marketing.

API Events All Over the Nordics

All this activity in the API space and still there were no place to meet, share experiences and learn from each other. This is something that we (Travis Spencer from Twobo Technologies and Andreas Krohn from Dopter) wanted to remedy so we started Nordic APIs. It is a series of events all through the Nordic countries, dealing with the technology and business of APIs. We have had one event in Stockholm, Sweden and we have upcoming events in Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark, Trondheim, Norway (with Telco focus) and Sundsvall, Sweden (with Open Data focus). So far we do not have anything planned in Finland or Iceland, but with some luck and hard work we will make that happen as well.

It All Comes Together in September in Stockholm

In September we will have a two day conference in Stockholm were we aim to bring together the API communities from all over the Nordics as well as international speakers. As well as local experts we are proud to have John Musser (founder of ProgrammableWeb), Adam DuVander (Executive Editor of Programmable Web) as well as Kin Lane (API Evangelist) attending and presenting.

Help us Make the Nordics Programmable

We would love to see you at any of the Nordic APIs events. Let us know what you would like out of Nordic APIs, where we should come next and how we can make the events better. Follow @nordicapis on Twitter to not miss any news.

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