Nordic APIs Event Aims To Create Regional API Tech Hub

Developers still have a chance to access discounted tickets to attend the upcoming Nordic APIs conference scheduled for 18 & 19 September. Nordic APIs will be held at the Lustikulla Conference Center in Stockholm, Sweden. The founders of Nordic APIs – Travis Spencer from Twobo Technologies and Andreas Krohn from Dopter AB – have previously held events in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The September conference marks what will hopefully be an annual regional event for business and API technology companies.

Some of the key topics to be discussed at the conference include:

  • API design
  • API security
  • Best practices
  • Examples of successes and failures
  • Implementation suggestions
  • Business impact
  • Marketing of APIs.

Part of the proceedings are also set aside for an unconference format – similar to that used at the recent API Craft – where attendees can use the time to set agenda priorities for group discussion.

Businesses presenting at the conference include Ping Identity, Layer 7, SOA Software, 3scale and Apigee. Speakers include Kin Lane and ProgrammableWeb’s Adam duVander.

Speaking with ProgrammableWeb, organizers Travis Spencer and Andreas Krohn said:

"The vision of Nordic APIs is really twofold:
1. Bring together a pan-regional community where its members are able to share and learn about APIs and related topics (e.g., mobile, cloud, etc.)
2. In so doing, make the Nordics more programmable, efficient, and automated."

Nordic APIs in September will be followed up with an APIs for Business event on 26 November. Spencer and Krohn discuss how the two events continue a discussion on the role of APIs in business:

"To be successful with an API, you have two challenges:
1. Make it technically appealing to developers, so they will adopt it and build on it.
2. Create a business model that will make its sustainable and impactful to the business' bottom line

In September and November, we'll touch on both of these. Initially, the emphasis will be on the tech, and in November, the focus will be on the business. This order is intentional, as APIs tend to be a bottom up effort within organizations. We're imagining a lot of very emboldened and energized engineers will leave Stockholm in September and suggest that their bosses and colleagues go back in November to hear it from a business-related point of view."

The organizers believe the Nordic countries are well-placed to foster a strong developer community around API usage:

"We believe the time for APIs is now. In part, this is because of the massive uptake in smartphones. Over 75% of Nordic phones are smartphones. Swedes are accessing the Net with their mobiles more so than any other European country. Tablet usage doubled in Finland last year. Nordic people are using mobile devices to surf the Web more so than PCs.

When you couple increased mobility with a rise in cloud computing, social, and Big Data, you have a nexus that dictates APIs. This increase, as you guys have reported, is being exponentially increased as enterprises begin adopting cloud, mobile, social, and big data. While Nordic companies have not adopted as quickly as US companies, they are certainly ahead of other places in the world. All of this makes people eager to learn and share in a forum like Nordic APIs."

Discounted registrations to attend the event are available until the end of the month. A back to work special offers anyone buying two attendance tickets a 25% discount on both, encouraging developers to bring team mates or business colleagues to the event.

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