Nordic APIs Platform Summit Highlights API Business Platforms

Nordic APIs will host its second annual event, the Platform Summit, Oct. 20-22. Nearly 50 API thought leaders will share their expertise with over 200 practitioners in Stockholm. The theme this year is “Becoming an API Platform.” All of the presentations, theme blocks and lightning talks are designed to help attendees learn how to move beyond informal uses of APIs to strategic ones, where APIs form a platform on which critical business takes place and creative solutions are formed.

A Difficult and Rewarding Transition

This transition from tactical, casual uses of APIs to a full-fledged API platform play is a real challenge for most organizations. It requires firm support from top management, which will only come if managers have the vision and a firm understanding of the potential of APIs. It also requires that organizations have the courage to expose core data to outside developers. Braving this change will reinvent your business, resulting in explosive growth. This API-driven business model will allow for automation of strategic partnerships, causing an ecosystem of services to grow up around you.

Learn About API Platforms

More than 40 speakers from international companies such as Lego, SoundCloud, CA Technologies, Intel, Microsoft and MuleSoft (the parent company of ProgrammableWeb) will be present. In addition, cutting-edge Nordic startups like FishBrain, Load Impact and 46elks will be represented. Together, all presenters will share their points of view on this topic of API platforms. Everything from architecture to business models to design and security will be explained in terms of API platforms.

Join Nordic APIs in Stockholm for workshops on Oct. 20 and two engaging days of presentations on Oct. 21 and 22. 

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