Nordic APIs Wrap Up Day One: IoT and Security Dominate Discussion

Day one of the Nordic APIs conference wrapped up on Wednesday 18 September, with a second day of presentations and discussions planned for today. Over 120 participants attending from across the region, in addition to a packed agenda of presentations for speakers around the globe. Two major themes of discussions on the first day included the Internet of Things and security.

A panel lead by API Evangelist, Kin Lane, focused discussions on how to build a successful business model for an Internet of Things (IoT)/API business.

“The panel was really diverse”, said co-organizer of Nordic APIs, Travis Spencer, speaking with ProgrammableWeb at the end of the first day’s program. “Some were saying that IoT is still about 5 years off and that that’s something we have been saying for 15 years now.”

Panellist David Henricson Briggs from Playback Energy likened the IoT vision as an impenetrable fortress, surrounded by a moat. With enterprise uptake of mobile, the networked technologies needed for an IoT-enhanced future are falling into place, creating a drawbridge into the IoT castle.

“The moat is being overcome and APIs are the connecting force, the drawbridge”, Spencer summarized.

Another key theme in presentations on day one was the increased level of discussion on security, a theme that has been growing in prominence at industry events across the year.

“Security has become top-of-mind, and although we divided the afternoon sessions into a number of themes, the 3 back-to-back talks on security were very well-attended,” said Spencer.

Spencer argues that this shows a maturing of the API marketplace:

“Early adopters were often using low-value data to power their APIs, but now established companies are ready to jump across the chasm and make APIs part of their business. They can’t ignore the major tectonic shifts in the market but they also have a lot more to protect: their brand, their customer base, their assets… I think the discussions showed the Nordics are a little ahead of other places with this.”

For the first day of the event, the hashtag #nordicapis trended on Twitter, offering global spectators a chance to look in on some of the discussions and feedback from the presentations. The conference concludes today.

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