Not the Facebook API

If the vendor doesn't offer an API, then create one for them. At least that's what Andre Cohen did for Facebook. He created a simple wrapper API with five functions for accessing data from their site. Facebook is a pretty closed world at the moment. Quite social on the inside but quite closed otherwise. Only window in is their Pulse feature. API or not, nearly 85% of students in supported colleges use Facebook.


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[...] In one of the year’s more interesting API announcements, the hugely successful social networking site Facebook launched their own API this week. Up to this point most social networking sites including MySpace have been notoriously walled gardens (back in February I reported on a home-grown Facebook API. For a high-level overview of this one, TechCrunch gives a good overview here. As for the API itself: it uses a REST-based protocol and is available for commercial and non-commercial use up 100,000 calls within a 24-hour window. [...]