Not the SIRI API You Were Expecting

When Apple announced the API powered Siri feature, many started asking the same question we did when Siri was just an app mashup: where's the Siri API? While Apple hasn't added one, we now list a SIRI API, but it's not the one you want to see.

New York City's transit authority has added a new Bus Time API that provides real-time arrival information. It's name? Service Interface for Real Time Information, or SIRI.

iHOP GeneticsIf I had to guess, I'd say MTA's choice of names was unintentional. But another new API appears to have gone out of its way to choose the same name as a United States restaurant chain. The iHOP Genetics API cannot help you find an International House of Pancakes. This science-focused API lets you discover "Information Hyperlinked Over Proteins." It's a database of genetic information, probably most useful to biologists.

While those aren't the APIs you'd expect, their more famous counterparts may be coming soon enough. As our directory near 5,000 APIs, it's starting to seem like there's an API for absolutely everything.

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=v= The MTA (and OneBusAway) had the SIRI API available before Apple launched its similarly-named product. SIRI is a standard developed in Europe and has been around since 2004.

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