NovoPayment Announces Upgraded Developer Portal

NovoPayment, provider of digital financial services, recently announced various upgrades to their developer hub that includes new APIs and enterprise customer functionality. The new APIs include Back-end Integration providing functionality from partners that include Visa, Facebook, and LexisNexis.

NovoPayment CEO, Anabel Perez, explained in a press release the significance of this update:

This latest expansion of our Portal further solidifies our commitment to helping developers and other innovators within banks, financial institutions, acquirers, fintechs, gig companies, and other organizations to collaborate, join value, remove end-customer frictions and gain time to market.

One of the major ways the company believes that these upgrades support developers is by reducing development time with much of the work already being done, having already verified the efficacy of pre-built integrations. With this release, developers also will see improvements to the User Experience, including a mobile-first UX, support for retina-display ready devices, and refined API Documentation.

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