NovoPayment Launches Developer Hub for LATAM-Focused Fintech Innovation

NovoPayment, Fintech service provider specifically targeting the Americas, has launched its Developer Hub. Within the Developer Hub, NovoPayment currently offers 37 APIs that serve a number of fintech related operations specifically targeted for the Latin America market. NovoPayment looks to empower software developers to build financial and payment services across industries including insurance, banking, travel, transportation and much more.

"We're proud to be joining the open API movement an to do our part in enabling banks, financial institutions, fintechs and their customers, and others in the developer community to transform their businesses and products, and deliver enhanced customer experiences," NovoPayment CEO, Anabel Perez, commented in a press release.

Perez continued to explain that with the innovation available through its toolset, it hopes that banks and financial institutions can relieve some of the common pain points that hamper transactions and account management throughout the Americas. Currently, the APIs are in Sandbox testing. Those interested can request access to a free test account.

The APIs within the Developer Hub are RESTful. The APIs are designed to work with multiple currencies through the target area, and other use case variations. Users can utilize a developer sandbox to test services and applications.

Within the Developer Hub, NovoPayment hopes that developers will build community through the various social sharing and feedback tools. To learn more, check out the Developer Hub site. The company currently has presence in the US (Miami), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

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