Now Even Property Management Has An API

ActiveBuilding, the makers of a property management Portal, helps managers keep in touch with residents. From a single interface, property management can communicate with residents regarding maintenance, services and announcements. Now, ActiveBuilding has launched the ActiveBuilding API which brings ActiveBuilding's traditional functionality to endless Integration possibilities.

Suppose a developer wants to collect rent and track packages from a single application. With the ActiveBuilding API, the developer can collect rent and track packages without leaving the original ActiveBuilding property management Platform. Or, if the property management provider is not currently utilizing ActiveBuilding, the developer can create the application to track packages and collect rent, and add all the ActiveBuilding platform data by simply adding the ActiveBuilding API to the application.

The ActiveBuilding API uses REST and formats data as XML. It uses an API Key for Authentication. Premier customers representing both the broad industry (e.g. National Apartment Association, California Apartment Association, South Coast Apartment Association) and premier management companies (e.g. Berkshire Property Advisors, Blanton Turner, Riverstone Residential Group), present a hotbed of developers to launch the API to.

For access to the API click here. Developers can register for a key and also gain access to eight different sections depending on their application needs (announcements API, community API, key log API, packages API, units API, residents API, events API, service requests API).

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