Now Inviting Developers to the Evernote DevCup

Evernote, one of the most popular note-taking application is back with its 2nd annual developer contest. With more than 25 million users, Evernote is inviting developers to create applications that will use the Evernote API in interesting ways, wow the judges and win big prize money along with great visibility across its large user base.

The Evernote Devcup, powered by ChallengePost is open now for developers to work on their applications, individually or as a team. The submission period is from May 18 to June 25. The Judging and Public Voting will take place for another month and the 5 finalists will be declared on on July 24.

There are big prizes for the finalists. Each of them will win $10,000 along with airfare and lodging to the Evernote Trunk Conference where they shall present their applications. The top 3 winners there will win an additional $20K, $10K and $5K respectively.

To signup, you will need to visit and register your API Key and start building the application on the sandbox environment. Your application will be judged on criteria like originality, utility, User Experience and effective use of the Evernote Platform. If you are looking for ideas, there is not just an App ideas discussion site but you can also meet up with Evernote developers as part of their Devcup meetup tour that will be held across cities from April to May. Read up the full rules for the Evernote Devcup here.

Last year’s contest met with tremendous response from developers. More than a 1000+ developers participated worldwide and with more than 50% of the participation from outside US. Last year's Grand Prize winner was Touchanote, an Android app that allows you to associate real life objects with your Evernote notes using NFC. See the winners from last year and get inspired.