NPR Launches NPR One Developer Center

Less than a year after NPR released its digital listening app (NPR One), the public radio organization has launched the NPR One Developer Center. NPR invites developers to review its docs and apply for API access. Since the release of NPR One, developers have requested access to the platform in mass. In response to continued demand, and to further invent the personalized news listening experience, NPR created the developer center.

The developer center presents the same design guidelines and Web services that drive all NPR One apps. Further, the API Reference updates in real time as service and protocols change. Through the app, and now through the developer center, NPR offers the best of NPR and member station programming, newscasts, podcasts and stories. Users can receive a personalized mobile listening experience based on preferences that developers can easily implement.

The RESTful API available through the center uses OAuth2 to ensure privacy. Further, endpoints function only for authorized developers, and NPR has specifically limited the number of partners who will have access to the service.

When creating the service, NPR points directly to its loyal developer community. From its first Android app to its current support for more than 1,000 devices, NPR has long relied on its developer community for ideas, support and innovation. The developer center marks NPR's latest move to stay in front of the digital news industry and a continued dedication to evolve the listening experience.

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