NTT Communications Launches Cross-Browser Speech-Recognition API

NTT Communications, an information and communications technology solution provider, has announced the first free speech-recognition API compatible across browsers. NTT has made the API available on SkyWay, NTT's free Platform for WebRTC technologies. Immediately available, the API joins a number of NTT announcements, including a screen-sharing Library, multiparty library, Web of Things (WoT) Sample Code and security guidelines.

At launch, the API supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera. NTT has already announced plans to support Microsoft Edge. The screen-sharing library allows users to create screen-sharing extensions for browsers. The multiparty library allows users to create group chatting services. The WoT sample code enables users to create WoT apps for robotic manipulation.

The speech-recognition API uses JavaScript to support multiple browsers. Users need not install new software for additional browser compatibility. SkyWay provides the speech-recognition server. The server processes voice at the highest speed and precision rates. The server uses homegrown tech from NTT Laboratories. For starters, the service is available in Japanese only, but English is next on the road map.

NTT launched SkyWay in 2013. The release marked Japan's first WebRTC platform for Web and smartphone app development. The speech-recognition API serves as a significant development that expands the basic functionality of the platform. Keep an eye on the new speech-recognition API as NTT expands its functionality beyond Japanese and continues its cross-platform, open approach.

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