NXTsoft Launches OmniSecure for API Monitoring

NXTsoft, an API connectivity services provider, today announced the launch of OmniSecure, an API-monitoring solution that provides an additional layer of cybersecurity to NXTsoft's secure APIs. OmniSecure monitors API security logs 24/7 and reports anomalies and suspicious activities so that immediate action can be taken.

Cybersecurity is vital to ensure the integrity of API data. According to Accenture, cybercrime could cost banks an estimated $350 billion in the next five years. Gartner Inc., a research and advisory firm, estimates that within a year, 90% of web-enabled applications will be more exposed to attack by API weaknesses than via User Interface (up from 40% in 2019). They also project that within two years APIs will be the most targeted attack vector in the enterprise. By nature, APIs expose application logic and sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is why they have become a prime target for cybercriminals and why protecting APIs has become increasingly important.

OmniSecure's technology is complemented with a 24/7, U.S.-based Security Operation Center (SOC) to ensure that financial institutions experience safer networks, earlier detection of intrusion, and relevant and specific threat intelligence.

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