NYC Launches Redesigned Open Data Portal and New APIs

The New York City Government has raised the bar for open government programs everywhere by launching several brand new NYC Open Data APIs, a redesigned Open Data Portal and Developer Website. The NYC Open Data Portal now has over 1,100 datasets available including 200 brand new datasets that have just been added.

NYC Open Data Portal

According to a Socrata blog post, the NYC Open Data Portal features a responsive design for easy browsing on mobile devices and datasets have been reorganized into categories which include education, health, public safety, recreation and transportation. Each category page displays a set of featured datasets.

Both the NYC Open Data Portal and Developer Site emphasize the potential of the NYC APIs and datasets and how they have been used. The developer site features an API showcase as well as an app showcase. The data site showcases interactive visualizations including maps, infographics and NYC data-driven applications. Here are a few of the visualizations that have been featured.

Visualizing NYC's 1,100+ Datasets

Visualizing NYCs Datasets

There are two different versions of this visualization; one created by Chris Whong and the other by NYC which is a beta version. The visualization is a force-directed graph that displays the datasets bundled by category. Live versions: Visualizing NYC's Open Data by Chris Whong and Visualize the Portal (Beta) by NYC.

NYC Open Data Site Finder

NYC Open Data Site Finder

This is an interactive guide that shows the range and quantity of data available on the NYC Open Data Portal. Live version: NYC Open Data Site Finder.

Skyline of New York City

Skyline of New York City

Visualization created by Andrew W Hill that uses NYC open data sets, Leaflet and CartoDB to show the height of the NYC skyline. Live version: Skyline of New York City on GitHub.

This is Only the Beginning

The release of brand new NYC government open data APIs and the launch of the redesigned Open Data Portal is only the beginning. Many more city governments in the United States and around the world are expected to launch new open data APIs and open data portals.

The NYC data site holds over 1,100 datasets at this time and that's just one city. The amount of government data that could become open and available to the public is staggering. As worded in a recent OKCon Blog post by Christopher Wilson, "We are awash in a sea of data."

Many more government open data APIs and datasets are coming soon... get ready for the tidal wave.

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