NYC Schools Gap App Challenge

The NYC Department of Education has announced the Gap App Challenge. The Challenge developed out of the Innovate NYC Schools initiative. The initiative includes a community of 250 schools that search for and implement new models of teaching and learning. The Gap App Challenge furthers the initiative's goal with a simple and forward thinking goal:

"The NYC Department of Education is challenging software developers to submit apps and games that enhance teaching, learning, and engagement for our middle schools."

The Challenge includes two categories for which developers can submit apps: 1) math focused 2) collaboration, communication, or management focused. Winning apps stand to win up to $50,000 in cash or $54,000 in AWS credits. Judging will be based on 5 criteria: quality of the idea, quality of the User Experience, potential impact, feasibility of use, and alignment of common core standards.

Developers interested in submitting an app should first register. Competitors must submit apps by April 10, 2013 for consideration. The Challenge will announce the winners on or around May 13, 2013. To find out more about the Gap App Challenge or the Innovate initiative, visit the Challenge Post site.

The NYC school system operates as a single example of many school districts struggling to meet the extensive needs of its students. As the system remains overcrowded and under resourced, the department of education recognizes an opportunity for innovative developers to contribute their skills to fill the education "gap." The Challenge marks an excellent opportunity for developers to earn some cash and make a difference.

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