NYU Hackathon Excites New Possibilities For Bitcoin Apps

Last month NYU and Hacker League hosted HackBit, a bitcoin-themed hackathon held on the NYU campus. 8 teams were given two days to construct bitcoin themed apps that consume either the Blockchain or Chain API, and were given 3 minutes to present their final project to a panel of judges.

In attendance were executives from Chain and Blockchain. According to Chain co-founder Adam Ludwin, "Hackathons are a great opportunity for us to learn about what developers want to do with bitcoin and help shape our product roadmap."

The winner of the competition was a team named To The Moon. Implementing the Blockchain API, they produced a game similar to Space Invaders that enables users to collect Satoshies (0.00000001 BTC) instead of points. Second place was given to BitRec, a receipt tracking system with a dashboard interface to display a person's bitcoin spending habits. 3rd place was given to Bitquant, a bitcoin tracking tool. 

Blockchain president Peter Smith is also a proponent of encouraging the new generation of developers, commenting that "to be successful as a company, and as an industry, we're going to need an incredible amount of talented developers working on bitcoin."

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NYU Hackathon Heralds New Generation of Bitcoin Apps