OAuth Support at SmugMug

As announced on the blog of CEO Don MacAskill, the photo-sharing site SmugMug now supports OAuth:

OAuth is an open standard for secure Authentication. It allows applications and services to authenticate to SmugMug and other OAuth-enabled APIs without needed to know or store the users’ sensitive login and password information. I imagine at some point OAuth might become the *only* way to authenticate to our API, so I’d at least start playing with it now.

See the documentation of this OAuth implementation for the technical details. OAuth joins other open standards supported by SmugMug, including OpenID.

Although OAuth is a relatively new standard we're seeing increased interest from API providers, large and small. OAuth has been covered previously on ProgrammableWeb since its launch last fall:

We have some SmugMug mashups listed including PictureSync that uses APIs from many services to let you annotate and share photos (mashup profile):

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