Object Recognition Is A Snap With Kooaba's Photo API

Kooaba offers image recognition through its Kooaba API, allowing you to compile metadata on objects in your photos.  This can be used for product recognition and pricing, but could also be used to augment personal photo collections, which can be so large that they are nearly impossible to search by hand.  There are tons of use cases for image recognition and this API should really open up the field and bring more applications to market.

The API is RESTful, serving XML responses.  There are actually two APIs here:  one for adding images to the Kooaba datastore, and another for comparing an image against a "pre-defined database of reference images."  Developers are warmly invited to collaborate with Kooaba through a github repository and a google group for the user community.

It’s interesting that Kooaba has made the decision to specifically exclude face recognition, citing privacy concerns.  A great move.  In my opinion it demonstrates that Kooaba’s moral compass is intact.  Perhaps this distinction will set them apart as a leader in this space, which is still small, as there are only 6 photo recognition APIs in the directory.

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