Ockam Open Sources its IoT SDK

Ockam, IoT developer Platform provider, has open sourced its core SDK. Ockam has launched with the goal of easing the lives of IoT developers. With the SDK, developers can build Ockam functionality into apps and software.

Once a developer has integrated the Ockam SDK, the developer and app become clients of the Ockam Network. The Ockam Network is a Blockchain-based network that allows developers to build in a Decentralized, open platform that protects identity while building trust and interoperability. The network was designed for IoT applications with a focus on high throughput, low latency, fast finality, and low-power.

The Ockam open source SDK includes a Golang Library and a CLI library. Apps and devices that integrate the SDK can share data as verified claims with other devices registered as part of the Ockam Network. The SDK offers IoT developers development infrastructure. The company refers to itself as the Twilio of IoT. The platform offers developers the ability to utilize service oriented architecture with a focus on interoperability in a serverless environment. To learn more, check out the docs on GitHub.

For now, access to the Ockam network is free to developers. This will likely change when the network becomes generally available. The anticipated GA date is later in 2019.

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