Oct8ne Releases API Access to its Coviewing Technology

Oct8ne has released an API that gives e-commerce sites access to its Coviewing technology. Oct8ne developed Coviewing as a real-time visual solution that online sales agents can utilize to enhance the consumer experience. Coviewing pairs the traditional chat feature with the ability to show customers additional items in the same screen in hopes to upsell, cross-sell or simply add more value. Prior to the API release, Magento was the only e-commerce Platform through which Oct8ne's Coviewing features were available.

"The API is an important milestone for our company," Oct8ne CEO Tim Kunihiro said in a press release. "Oct8ne has been so well-received by Magento customers that the obvious next step was to enable it for companies regardless of the platform they had chosen."

The API release exponentially grows Oct8ne's potential. Instead of limiting itself to a single e-commerce platform, Oct8ne can now extend its services to any platform regardless of language, technology or Framework. The simple interface allows customizable adapters, which allow sites to maintain unique features. Coviewing with an online sales agent brings an in-store-like experience to the online world.

API Integration offers programmatic access to Oct8ne's site search, product database and online shopping functionality. Specific shopping features include favorites, account creation and shopping cart ability. To learn more about the API, including full Documentation, reach out to the Oct8ne team.

Oct8ne could be a game changer for e-commerce. While online shopping has significantly affected brick-and-mortal retail, the face-to-face, personal interaction with a sales agent remained one of the main advantages of an in-store experience. Oct8ne's Coviewing technology attempts to rival the in-store experience. API access to Coviewing extends Oct8ne's reach to a seemingly endless partner base.

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